“Turn the villains of your life into comedians”, Kangana Ranaut…


New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut once again smashed her haters with her fiery one-liner. Speaking to her Instagram Story on Friday, Kangana indirectly returned it to her bullies. She suggested turning villains into comedians and entertained with a good laugh.

The post reads: “I have never liked the idea of ​​using emotions like humiliation, failure or any other kind of unfair treatment like bullying that is done to us, using those experiences as fuel to ignite our ambition or self-esteem, that’s never a good idea. Never see yourself out of the eyes of those who don’t appreciate you… But use their criticism to grow, and when you do grow, don’t forget to rub it in their face and have fun. Because what is life without a good laugh. Those who want to be villains in your life make them comedians and it becomes a good story. Direct it yourself.”

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Well, it seems like kangana and controversy go hand in hand. She is often criticized and trolled for her strong opinions and remarks – be it politically or within her own entertainment faculty.

While she didn’t clearly state who her latest Instagram note was aimed at, it’s safe to assume it’s an appropriate response to the regular criticism that comes her way.

On the work front, Kangana was last seen in Dhaakad, which was a huge flop at the box office. She is currently preparing for her directing emergency. She will play the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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It is also rumored that Kangana will be teaming up with director Madhur Bhandarkar for a film. It is reportedly based on the life of a Kashmiri singer who was killed by terrorists.

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