Twitter brings a new feature for direct messages on Android


New Delhi: Compared to iOS, Direct Messaging (DM) on Android devices now features a new and improved user interface. Android Twitter app users can update to take advantage of the improved DM experience.

Twitter claimed to have recognized the need to improve how users interact with DMs on Android smartphones. According to TechCrunch, the update also includes better author, better tweet forwarding, message request context, and clearer read receipts.

Scrolling performance and UI responsiveness have also been improved by the microblogging platform. Android users will not see the familiar boxy look when they open their direct messages anymore.

The ability to directly tweet multiple people at once in separate conversations is one of the latest DM improvements that Twitter has made. Twitter revealed in February that it was testing a new functionality that would allow users to send messages directly from a tweet.

However, the test informed officials and public safety professionals.

Elisa Orleans, a New York City public advocate, claims that giving people a shortcut to their DMs may increase their vulnerability to harassment.

“Don’t do this please. The requirement to visit a user’s profile before sending a direct message reduces harassment,” she tweeted in response.

When people send unsolicited direct messages, it’s never really about “starting a conversation”. Twitter claims that the experiment does not change the current settings for users’ direct messages.

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