Twitter lays off almost 90% of its employees in India


New Delhi: More than 90% of employees at Twitter Inc. in India were laid off over the weekend as part of Elon Musk’s global hiring freeze, drastically reducing the company’s engineering and product staff in a market with growth potential, The Business reported standard

Because of the sensitive nature of the situation, people familiar with the situation who asked to remain anonymous said the company had just over 200 employees in India before the cuts.

Global Internet companies such as Twitter, Meta Platforms Inc. and Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., rely on India’s large potential pool of new online users as a vital growth engine. However, companies must also comply with increasingly strict content laws designed to restrict the country’s top tech companies.

The product and engineering team in India, which operated with a global mandate, accounted for nearly 70% of the jobs being cut, according to one of the people. Positions in departments such as marketing, public policy and corporate communications were also eliminated, the people said.

Twitter, based in San Francisco, California, cut the number of employees it had worldwide by nearly 3,700, or about half. An email seeking comment was not immediately responded to by Twitter.

India has one of the most heated political debates on Twitter, with opposing parties often lashing out at each other and accusing each other of disinformation campaigns. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has over 84 million followers on the platform. With its staff recently downsized in the nation, which has more than 100 different official languages, it’s unclear how Twitter hopes to police such speech.

Twitter’s offices in India are located in New Delhi, Bangalore in the south and Mumbai’s financial district.

Globally, the corporation still employs about 3,700 employees, according to Bloomberg News. Musk is pressuring the remaining team members to produce new features quickly, and in some cases, workers have stayed late at work to meet deadlines.

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