Twitter Blue: It seems that Elon Musk brought with him a huge wave of change when he took over Twitter. The Twitter Blue subscription was the subject of his first announcement. It looks like the wait is now finally over. Twitter CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday that Twitter’s Blue Check subscription will continue through Nov. 29.

Musk tweeted: “Punting Blue Verified starts Nov 29th to make sure it’s rocky.”

If you don’t know, read this line carefully. Changes to names will immediately result in the removal of the blue check if you already have a verified Twitter handle. When they follow Twitter’s terms of service, you’ll have to repeat the whole process.

As we all know Twitter blue check was previously only available to verified accounts like politicians and famous people including journalists, Actors and public figures. However, thanks to the subscription, anyone can now choose the blue check mark; they just have to pay for it. In order to increase the income of Twitter, this measure has been carried out.

This news comes after Elon Musk tweeted last week that Twitter would soon reintroduce Twitter’s blue check mark.

In the past, anyone and everyone jumped at the chance to appear when the checkmark was released. Then they changed their account to include Elon Musk, and haters flocked to the microblogging platform.

Twitter launched Blue Subscription on November 9 in the US, UK and other countries. Users have to pay $8 per month to use it. The Indian debut of the service has been officially confirmed.


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