Two women marry the same man for friendship


Islamabad, Pakistan: ‘Ye dosti hum nahi todenge…’ The lyrics of the song reflect the friendship of two women. To maintain their friendship, two women have taken a decision that has shocked the world. By mutual consent, both women married the same man. Both are close friends. They always wanted to be together after marriage to maintain their friendship. So they came up with a new solution. Both married the same person on alternate occasions.

The Unique History of Pakistan

Both friends live in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. The unique aspect is that they are now living in the same house after getting married. The first wife is Shahnaz and the second is Noor. Both married a man named Ejaz.

Ejaz’s two wives live happily ever after

Shahnaz revealed on YouTube channel Daily Pakistan Global that she was previously married to Ejaz. She started missing her friend Noor after her marriage. Although Noor came and went regularly. The two came to an agreement and Noor decided to marry Shehnaaz’s husband. Shehnaz liked Noor’s plan and agreed to marry her husband Ejaz.

Shehnaaz now has two children, while Noor has one. Both friends insist that they can argue with their husband but never with each other. Noor claims that she has never had any problem with Shehnaaz. “We’re all happy with our lives.”

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