Typhoid and Covid-19: Do not treat typhoid as a symptom of corona, know its symptoms and precautions

Typhoid and Covid-19: Typhoid is a water and foodborne disease. Its fever is due to bacterial infection in the digestive system and the bloodstream. Most of the symptoms of this disease are similar to the corona. If you are feeling this symptom in yourself then get an immediate test.


In the coronary period, the fear of this virus is on everyone’s heart and mind. People are ignoring all the other problems in the war of defenses against this virus. While the second wave of corona continues to wreak havoc, another disease that is troubling people with this virus is the typhoid that people are following as a symptom of corona. The risk of typhoid disease is high in the summer season.

Typhoid fever is due to bacterial infections in the digestive system and the bloodstream. Typhoid is a water and foodborne illness. In this disease, bacteria named Salmonella typhi affect the digestive system by entering the body through dirty water and food. However, most of the symptoms of this disease are similar to corona. Let us know how typhoid is and what are its symptoms and preventive measures.

How is typhoid?

Typhoid is a disease spread by dirt. Its bacteria can enter the body through contaminated or dirty water and food. The bacteria of this disease remains alive for a week in water or dry stool, which can be infected as soon as they come in contact.

Symptoms of typhoid:

-Patient feeling weakness
-Decreased appetite due to increased infection
-Have a headache
-Having a body pen
-Cold fever
-Lethargy and lethargy
-Diarrhea may also be the problem
-Digestive system deterioration
-The fever of a person with typhoid can go from 102 to 104 degrees.

If you are feeling all these symptoms in yourself, first of all check the corona. When the report is negative, you get typhoid checked and start treatment immediately.

Patients with typhoid should take these precautions:

-Take care of cleanliness
-Wash hands with warm water and soap.
-Drink hot water, Do not consume liquor, alcohol or cigarettes.
-Do not consume raw things. Peel and eat fruits.
-Cook the food completely, avoid eating raw food.
-Stay away from people so that the risk of spreading the infection is minimized.
-Do not share food with others. Eat alone
-Avoid eating butter, pastries, ghee, fried foods and sweets etc.
-Avoid eating heavy meat, fish and mutton.

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