Ukraine crisis: Russia drops ‘very powerful bomb’ on theater in Mariupol, shelters hundreds of residents

Mariupol (Ukraine): The Russian military on Wednesday dropped a massive bomb on a theater in Mariupol, where hundreds of people are taking shelter.

According to local media, there could have been around 1,000 people inside the building.

“The number of casualties is yet unknown,” the Kyiv Independent reported.

According to Nexta, the casualties could be much higher.

It said, “The occupiers dropped a very powerful bomb on the drama theater in Mariupol. The civilians were hiding from the shelling in this building. The casualties could be very high.”

In another tweet, it said, “The occupiers are deliberately killing civilians, regardless of gender or age. Moreover, they have led the city’s situation to a real humanitarian catastrophe.”

Pavlo Kirilenko, the head of the Donetsk regional administration, which includes Mariupol, said the Russian military was “trying to physically destroy the Mariupol and Mariupol peoples, who have been symbols of our resistance”.

Kirilenko said Russia carried out air raids on “Drama Theater” and “The Neptune” swimming pool.

“According to preliminary data, several hundred Mariupol residents were hiding in the drama theater. Their fate is unknown, as the entrance to the bomb shelter is blocked by debris,” he said.

“The Russians are already lying, (saying) that the Azov regiment had its headquarters. But they themselves are well aware that there were only civilians,” he said.

First published:March 17, 2022, 12:49 am


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