Ukraine crisis: US, Europe fear Chinese attack against Taiwan

Washington: With the Russia-Ukraine crisis in the forefront, the US and Europe fear that Chinese President Xi Jinping will take the opportunity to attack Taiwan.

The start of Russia’s “military campaign” last month has again pushed Taiwan to the forefront of geopolitics. While Western countries fear that Taiwan will face a situation similar to Ukraine, the leaders of both countries (Taiwan and China) insisted that Taiwan and Ukraine are not on the same platform, the US editorial magazine National Review reported.

Beijing, on the other hand, said Taiwan was their internal matter and linking it to Ukraine would only add to the Western-developed conspiracy “democracy against dictatorship”. While Taipei emphasizes that they differ from Ukraine in terms of geo-strategic and global supply-chain importance.

Russia began its military campaign in Ukraine based on the need to protect its people from so-called “genocide”, expanding NATO in the east, and “demilitarizing” and “denying” Ukraine.

The Washington-based magazine argues these justifications as an excuse for their aggression against Ukraine. The editorial claimed that Xi is an ally of Putin’s war of aggression.

It said that the Chinese president has significantly increased his military threat towards Taiwan since coming to power. According to the National Review, on the day Putin began his military operation in Ukraine, nine Chinese military planes were seen inside Taiwan violating Taiwan’s air-defense identification zone.

The editorial magazine also believes that China will attack Taiwan regardless of the outcome of the Ukraine-Russia crisis. It further added that there is a high probability of Xi launching his military operation in Taiwan. The Chinese president has already ordered his military to accelerate war preparations by achieving the People’s Liberation Army’s centennial goal of “liberating Taiwan” by 2027, the National Review reported.

The National Review also said that the US and other Western countries need to be firm and clear in their resolve to defend Taiwan. And China’s one-China policy needs to be abandoned so that Taiwan’s sovereignty is not affected.

After the US ended its diplomatic relations with China in 1979, the Taiwan Relations Act was passed, promising that the US would “resist any form of force or other form of coercion to maintain the capacity of the United States”. that would endanger the security, or the social or economic system of the Taiwanese people,” and later US President Reagan gave “six assurances” and called for arms sales to defend Taiwan.

However, these are not binding obligations under international law, but unilateral commitments as per national review. (ANI)

First published:March 15, 2022 at 9:32 am

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