Ukraine may get anti-air missiles from Britain, Russia changed its ‘strategy’

Kyiv (Ukraine): Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that amid Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine, the United Kingdom plans to send anti-air missiles into the country to help Kyiv counter Russia’s “indiscriminate and deadly” airstrikes. is making.

“The Russians are changing their strategy, so the Ukrainians need to too,” Wallace told the House of Commons on Wednesday, “so it is important that Ukraine maintains its ability to fly in and suppress Russian airstrikes.” CNN told.

Wallace said Ukraine’s defense “needs to be strengthened” and in response to Ukrainian requests, the UK has “decided to explore a donation of Starstreak high-velocity, man-portable anti-air missiles.”

“We believe this system will remain within the definition of defensive weapons, but will allow Ukrainian forces to better defend their skies. We will also increase supplies of rations, medical equipment and other non-lethal military aid,” Wallace said. . ,

First published:March 10, 2022, 12:28 am

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