Urfi Javed is asking questions to the Mumbai Police for this reason


New Delhi: Social media influencer Urfi Javed is always in the headlines with her eye-catching outfits. The actress recently shared a post on her Instagram profile asking questions to the Mumbai police.

In the post, she accused a man who harassed and blackmailed her for almost 2 years into having a video s** with him. She posted the man’s photo along with his chats he made of Urfi.

In the caption, she mentioned all the details. She wrote: “So this man has been bothering me for so long and now I’ve had it . 2 years ago someone morphed my photo and started distributing it, I had already filed a police report 2 years ago and I was going through hell then. I even uploaded a post 2 years ago which is still on my profile. This man got his hands on this pic and blackmailed me into having video sex with him or else he will post the pic on various Bollywood sites and ruin my career. Yes, he blackmailed me into raping me on the internet (that’s the word for it).”

She expresses her disappointment with the Mumbai police for not taking action. “It’s not him I’m disappointed in, I filed an FIR with Goregaon Police Station @mumbaipolice on the 1st. It’s been 14 days, nothing has been done yet! I’m so so disappointed. I had heard so many good things about @mumbaipolice but your attitude towards this man is strange. Even after telling them he was done identifying how many women, still no action. Anyway, this man is a threat to society, women. He shouldn’t be allowed to live free,” she added.

She closed the post by saying, “The last picture is of his best friend, Sera Kishore. I had been working with her sister Ashna Kishore, I contacted the sisters, sent them evidence of how he blackmailed me and all the things he did to other girls, but guess what, these girls bluntly chose to ignore the evidence and assisted him in saying all 50 girls are lying including me! wow . These girls were chilling with this man the night he started blackmailing me. I tried to contact them but no reply no help. I don’t know what action the police will take now but I just wanted to tell everyone about this man who is working freely in the Punjab industry.”

Take a look at the alleged conversation she had with the accused

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