Urfi Javed takes a jibe at Chahatt Khanna, and says ‘Apne kya ukhada..


New Delhi: The cat fight between Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna seems to flare up every day. A few days ago, the duo got involved in a raging war of words, after which Shahat took to her Instagram Stories to catch a sneak peek at Orphie.

On Sunday, Shahat addressed Orfi, calling her “brainless” and saying that she did not deserve to be a mother or a wife. She wrote: “Without knowing the facts and jumping on the news for propaganda and self-manipulation. Mindless se kya hi argument karna, akal hoti to kaam karti ya shoot karti na ke sem nude spottings karti, chalo koi na, aap tho aunty, biwi ya maa ke layak to ho nahi, ab dusro ko hi aunty bolke Khushal hojao Nawaz Abko. #Javed.”

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Now in response, Orfi made a video with Shahat’s bold photos and shared it on her Instagram story. Orfi said, “I don’t get this year. Ye kitney aunt wali bat, ye kitney mashi wali bat hai ki main piwi ur ma bin layak ni hon. ari directed tuh bushlo yar. Mereko bnna hi nhi hai yaar kisi ki biwi ya kisiki ma. Aur ye jo concept haina ki ek aurat tabhi full hoti hai jab wo biwi ya ma bnti hai. Main tuh believe ni karti. Main poor hoop see feel full karti hon. I am very satisfied.”

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For non-fans, Bien Orvey’s fashion cravings were described as “cheap” which, for obvious reasons, annoyed the latter.

When Chahatt Khanna’s name appeared in the blackmail case Sukesh Chandrashekhar

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Chahatt had an affair with fraudster Sukesh Chandrasekhar amid an ongoing money laundering case against him. Reportedly, she is one of the other four actors who met Sukesh in Tihar Prison via his partner Pinky Irani.

On Thursday, Urorfi took to her Instagram account and shared a screenshot of the media report. “But I’m obnoxious because I dressed immodestly and paid the media,” Orvey wrote, signed by a grinning face.

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