Valorant Can’t Run On These PCs: Here’s How


According to a new report, Valorant, the popular tactical shooter game from Riot Games will not support PCs bypassing the Windows 11 system requirements. Also read- Top 5 mobile games coming to 2021, ahead

The final build of Windows 11 is coming out on October 5th and will require a new CPU, TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, as per the new system requirements. Now a. According to windows latest Reportedly, Riot Games seems to have implemented new rules in their FPS games. Also read- Valorant Episode 3 Release Date, Act 1 Reflection Battle Pass: KAY/O Agents, Weapon Skins, Gun Buddy, Spray, Rewards, Price, and more

Valorant probably won’t run on PCs that bypass Windows 11 system requirements

According to the report, RiotGames’ Valorant game is implementing TPM 2.0 on Windows 11. Without beginning, TPM or Trusted Platform Module is a security module installed in a PC and is meant to provide hardware and security related functions. Apparently since Windows 11 v.22000.176 and v.22449, some players have reported being unable to play valorant On their system, as WindowsLatest reports. Also read- Valorant free-to-play tactical shooter game coming to mobile, Riot Games confirms

The outlet also shared a screenshot that read, ‘TPM version 2.0 and Secure Boot are required to be enabled to run this build of Vanguard.’

According to the report, the developers recently updated their Vanguard anti-cheat system to implement TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot on Windows 11. Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software is a powerful software that monitors the processes running in the system background. And the software is said to come packaged with Valorant. While this rule is being implemented only on Windows 11, thankfully Valorant will continue to run on Windows 10 PCs without meeting the criteria.

Notably, TPM 2.0 has been a requirement on PCs since mid-2016, so it should already have this security feature that you can enable from the BIOS menu. Apparently, users won’t have to meet the requirements if they clean Windows 11 with the ISO, but it will block the update. windows latest Indicates that it is not justified riot Games, but Fortnite developer Epic Games could probably follow suit, enforcing these requirements via Fortnite’s handy anti-cheat.

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