Vehicle owner gets repair estimate of 22 lakh for car he bought for 11 lakh


New Delhi: Heavy rain this time have caused water extraction in many parts of India. Bangalore residents suffered for days due to excess water in the streets. In fact, water extraction took place in the basements of many buildings.

Because of this, several cars were damaged by the water. But what’s even sadder is how some repair shops seem to be trying to put such car owners out of their misery. One Anirudh Ganesh recently shared how he got a repair estimate of 22 crores for a VW Polo he bought for 11 crores.

VW Polo owner charged an estimated charge of Rs 41,299

Anirudh writes that his VW Polo was damaged in the recent floods. The car was sent to Apple Auto Whitefield. He says he had to push his car onto a tow truck in waist-deep water at 11 p.m., but that was just the beginning of the horror. After 20 days, the service center gave him an estimated repair cost of Rs 22 lakh.

His auto insurance company told him his car would be declared a “total loss.” However, the service center asked him to pay Rs 44,840 to collect his vehicle from them. This fee is required for the issuance of documents on the damage suffered in the car.

A VW Polo owner says ‘Rs 44,840’ to get a document for a car that now costs only Rs 600,000. Contacted VW India by post but waiting for a reply. When Anirudh came to know about the documentation charges, he asked the service center not to give them. But he was told, “Only you get insurance with our estimate, nothing without us.

If you buy a new car in our showroom, we can waive these costs.” He was then handed a bill of Rs 44,480 for proof of estimate and parking charges.

A written repair estimate was not prepared

The owner of the VW Polo also claims that he did not receive an invoice containing an estimate. However, he was told the estimated cost of the repair over the phone.

News source: CarBlogIndia

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