Video of a woman allegedly using drugs goes viral, the internet reacts


New Delhi: A video of a young woman allegedly under the influence of drugs in Punjab’s Amritsar district has gone viral on social media. The short clip also raised concerns about the state’s drug problem.

In the video, which is reported to have been taken in Maqboura locality in the eastern district of Amritsar. The short clip shows a young woman who appears to be unconscious as she stands on the road, slouching and struggling to move.

The area, which is believed to be acceptable, is known for its drug abuse and addiction problems. It often makes headlines regarding incidents of drug use. However, the police launched several “command units” aimed at getting rid of addiction. Of these, they failed to achieve the desired results.

After the video went viral, Maqboula police conducted a search in the area on Sunday during which they were able to arrest three people and recover drugs from their possession.

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