Vijay Deverakonda indulges in intense stunt training…


New Delhi: Vijay Deverakonda is undoubtedly one of the hottest dudes to have captured the hearts of the masses with his amazing performance in his latest release. While the actor never loses to impress everyone with his impeccable performance, he shared a glimpse into his stunt training session that says it all about how and why he deserves all the crazy fan base he has today.

Vijay recently brought a video showing him intensely preparing for his action sequences. As the actor perfected his every move in the video, it’s clear to see that his dedication and determination are truly worthy of applause. Be it his kicks, punches, tackling techniques or the hard jumping stunts, the actor really put a lot of effort into perfecting them all.

Watch Vijay Deverakonda’s video here

Video of his workout session also captured the actor bringing his powerful action to the screen with ease. This is an absolute reflection of his devotion, which is very evident in his films.

Meanwhile, Vijay Deverakonda was able to turn heads with his latest release, Liger. The actor and Ananya Panday, who played his co-star, toured the nation to promote their film. Although the highly anticipated film received mixed reviews from both the public and critics, it failed to impress audiences as a whole. The film, directed by Puri Jagannadh, was released in multiple languages ​​on August 25th.

Regarding his upcoming lineups, he will continue to be featured in Khushi and Jana Gana Mana.

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