Virat Kohli explains the slang of cricket


New Delhi: India batsman Virat Kohli spent a lot of time playing street cricket before playing for Delhi in the Ranji Trophy. Recalling that time, Kohli and Puma made a funny video explaining the meaning of two slang words which was very popular in street cricket. One of them is ‘Batta’ and the other is ‘Baby Over’.

video title Do you know your cricket slang?Kohli makes headlines as a 33-year-old explaining the meaning of popular local slang used in Indian street cricket.

Virat Kohli’s hilarious explanation on cricket slang!!!

Kohli couldn’t stop laughing, citing examples in response to the terms of local cricket, according to a release from his sponsors.

,Batta is a native and harsh word for chuckingKohli replied to the words as he spent some light moments off the field in a short funny video clip.

While Kohli explained, how ‘Baby over’ is a three-ball over, He also introduced the slang ‘try ball’ which means the first ball of the over.

Virat tweeted, ‘How well do you know your cricket slang? on his official Twitter handle.

The gripping video clip brings to the fore the off-the-field personality of the 33-year-old. Kohli did extremely well in the Asia Cup 2022 in the United Arab Emirates, scoring a much-anticipated 71st, as well as finishing the tournament as the second-highest run-scorer with two half-centuries.


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