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Today’s horoscope for August 5: Today’s date is August 5, 2022 and the day is Friday. Do you know from astrologer Deepa Sharma how today will be for all 12 zodiac signs? Who gets lucky and who faces hardships? There are a total of 12 zodiac signs and each person’s horoscope is different. If you know your horoscope, then through this post you can know what this day will be like for you?

Aries – There is excitement in the mind this morning, after that it is light until noon, today you will solve all your tasks very intelligently, in the evening we will make a program for a walk.
Meeting with your partner’s friends today will make it very pleasant.
good number-6
good color yellow

Taurus – The nervous system remains weak today, there may also be pain in the legs, today there may be an argument with the father or separation in some matter, keep your distance. Even with a particularly close friend, cheating or a relationship can get worse.
If you love someone, propose marriage today.
good number – 1
lucky color blue

Gemini – Today we are fully focused on earning money and busy fulfilling all obligations towards the family. Taking care of the mother’s health can deteriorate.
Love Affair I’m feeling very emotional today.
good number -6
promising color – sky

Cancer – Hard work can achieve its position today with the help of friends, today any difficult task becomes successful and easy, today I spend the day earning happiness.
Take care of your partner’s health today.
good number -5
Lucky color – golden yellow

Leo – Today all the focus is on children, the result of any long-awaited exam is the time for success, attention is also paid to technical education.
Relationships are good or strong.
good number 4-
good color – mehroon

Virgin – You may get angry at small things, keep some control, time is good to take property vehicle, but take it carefully, avoid taking disputed property. If you are thinking of partnering in business, don’t make this mistake.
Avoid entanglement with life partner.
good number -4
Lucky color – pink

Horizontal – Today it is very important to control speech, otherwise old relationships can deteriorate. But today the luck is very strong, all the work is done by the evening, but even so, his mind is distracted.
Sometimes there is a warm and sometimes soft atmosphere with the partner.
good number – 3
Lucky color – Parrot green

Scorpio – Today, relations with the big brother are as sweet as they benefit from them, but for gold traders, the day will be ups and downs, you will be praised on the field, the results of creative activities will be seen in the near future.
If you are going to get married, it would be good to stop for a while.
good number – 7
lucky orange

Sagittarius – Today you may complain of a cough and a cold, but by the end of the evening you will get relief, today is a favorable day for media fabric dealers and silver dealers. Extra expenses can ruin the budget.
You have to keep the sweetness in the relationships or else it can be ruined.
good number -2
good colored sky

Capricorn – Today your personality will be very impressive, whether it is the work area or home, the importance is understood, but take care of your health, adding chili spices can cause stomach problems.
Avoid quarrels in a love relationship.
good number -9
lucky color green

Aquarius – Today you participate in a lot of creative work, the atmosphere is also very romantic today, you go for a walk in the evening, today you will make a profit in business.
Give importance to your life partner instead of outsiders.
good number-3
Lucky color – white

Pisces – Today, mental worries remain, avoid emotions, otherwise someone can take advantage, health is also a bit soft, but family support is encouraging, and the financial situation is also very good.
Love relationships are good today, definitely give time to your partner.
good number -2
lucky color red

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