Watch: Taliban, Pakistan Army exchange artillery fire over Durand Line fence


Islamabad: The Pakistani military establishment had celebrated wildly after the Afghan Taliban captured Kabul and extended their rule over most of Afghanistan after a 20-year war with the US and NATO.

However, the celebratory mood within the Pakistani military quickly turned sour as the Taliban government in Afghanistan pulled up Pakistan on several occasions.

According to the latest news, the love relationship between the Taliban and the Pakistani army seems to be ending in right and true sense. Taliban has become a big problem for Pakistan.

Tension has escalated on the Durand Line after the Taliban opened fire with Pakistani forces over fencing along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

The Pakistani army had put up a barbed wire fence on its side. Durand Line, Which was overthrown by Taliban fighters. Angered by this, the Pakistani army started firing artillery across the border.

A video is being shared on social media that shows Taliban fighters seizing spools of barbed wire. A senior official in Afghanistan’s Taliban government has asked the Pakistani military not to attempt to re-fencing the Durand Line.

News agency ANI quoted local media as saying that the Taliban have removed the barbed wire put up by the Pakistani army on the Durand Line in Gushta district of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

First published:December 24, 2021, 2:12 pm

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