Watching the funny Norwegian field


New Delhi: Cricket is a game that requires batting, bowling and court skills. When all three become perfect in a match, they manage to win. In a European Cricket League match, Norway and Romania were fighting each other and a funny incident stunned everyone.

Norway decided to put 9 players in the slip hoop, however, they missed the ball and headed towards the border.

Why did Norway put 9 slips?

Hitting first, Norway put in 97 throws in 10 in a loss of 8 wickets. That was too high a score for Romania to chase and they tried to play funny as they put 9 slips on the field. However, the ball passed by the ninth player, leaving everyone in a heavy laugh.

Later, Romania only managed 54 rounds in the match and ended up losing the match.

Fox Cricket’s official Instagram account wrote, “How many slips do you want buddy? NINE should just skip ‘How good is europeancricket'”.

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