We may all have goals, but here’s what it takes to be winners


New Delhi: Having a goal is an integral part of life. Without a goal, there is neither the speed to move forward nor the motivation to achieve anything in life. Interestingly, while we all dream, set goals and aspire to be bigger and better, one thing that separates the winner from the loser is the mindset.

According to Dr. Chandni Tughnait, MD (AM) Psychotherapist, Life Alchemist, Coach and Healer, Founder and Director, Gateway of Healing, goal setting is the ‘wishing’ phase that provides direction. However, to achieve victory, one has to go into the ‘action’ phase and this requires systems and processes that enable progress.

“When the mindset is towards growth and not stagnant, we get better and permanent results rather than momentary changes. Be it an athlete, entrepreneur, student or corporate professional, everyone has a goal. However, it is not the ‘goal’ that guarantees success; It is this ‘system of continuous and frequent small improvements’ that lead to results,” said Dr Tughnait.

She adds, “One big thing to note here is that mere achieving a goal is not a sign of success; Keeping, that is. Change happens at a deeper level. It’s all about reconnecting the mind.”

According to Dr Chandni Tughnait, here are some tips that can make a world of difference and lead us on the path of progress and success.

Set specific steps for action , Instead of setting vague goals such as “I will exercise more”, “I will make a lot of money”, etc., set specific actionable tasks such as going for a walk before breakfast daily, going to the gym three times a week after work, collaboration Joining 3 people every week to find out etc.

Set small tasks Even when specific, set small tasks instead of extremely difficult ones because the brain is wired to save energy and get away with effort and this often leads to delays or defeats when the mind feels stressed with extremely difficult tasks. does.

Let go of the one who does not serve you – Identify time-wasters and energy-drainers in your life that are keeping you from progressing. These can be habits, people or things like watching TV for hours, overeating, sleeping too much, a toxic relationship etc. Once identified, replace these with desirable small tasks set for yourself. Keep it on for at least a week to make it feel more natural and comfortable.

Change your story Our neurology is biochemical in nature and therefore, when we keep doing and feeling the same thing with intensity at a specified time/situation, it becomes a default path or habit – this is how brain circuitry works. Is. When we keep thinking about past failures or worrying about the future or even when we keep repeating the failure/disappointment story over and over again to our friends and family, we still do it through our senses. feel from; It all solidifies into our reality. So, to break this pattern, be aware of the present moment, make a plan, focus, act and change the story.

Develop a system Write down all your goals, steps and plans in a journal and refer to it daily to add, remove and adjust the plan and confirm the purpose. In addition to planning and executing consistently, find yourself an accountability partner or a coach to help you stay accountable and work your way through the game. Even the most successful people work with their mentors and coaches and don’t do it all alone to effectively track progress and continue on the path to success and learning.

First published:January 14, 2022, 6:35 am

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