Weird! THIS is where daughter and son-in-law celebrate their first night in front of mom, You know why


There are strange traditions all over the world. One such way is to spend the first night together in front of your mother-in-law. You read that right. There is a place in the world where a mother is present in a daughter and son-in-law’s room on their first night together. If she is not there, an elderly woman is sent in her place.

Africa is a strange country with strange traditions

Africa is the name of a country full of strange beliefs. From marriage to death, the rituals practiced here are strange and unfortunate. In some provinces here, after marriage, the girl’s mother sleeps with her in the honeymoon room. Although traditions change over time, people here still hold on to old beliefs. Many tribes have different customs at different stages of life.

The mother is present with her son-in-law and daughter on the first night

In this tradition, when the husband and wife spend their first night as husband and wife, their mother is present in their room. That is, the mother-in-law sleeps in the room on the day of the honeymoon. If she is not there, an elderly woman is sent. A mother or an elderly woman is said to teach a couple about a happy marriage on the first night. He informs the bride of his plans for the evening.

The next morning, the woman in the couple’s room tells the family members that everything went well during the night. The marriage of the newlyweds is off to a good start. People are happy after that. In some African tribes, the parents sleep first in the bed of the newlyweds. Then they go to sleep.

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