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New Delhi: 5G service has formally started in India from 1 October. Airtel has started 5G internet service in 8 cities of the country. Apart from this, Jio has started testing its 5G network in 4 cities. Till now we all have been told about the benefits of this 5G service. But whatever has advantages, it also has many disadvantages. In such a situation, today we are telling you about 5 disadvantages of 5G service. It is very important for you to know these disadvantages.

connectivity interruption

According to experts, the range of 5G connectivity is not very far. Frequency waves are capable of traveling only a short distance. The fact is that 5G frequencies can be obstructed by obstacles such as trees, towers, walls and buildings. The only way to avoid this is to increase the number of 5G towers, which can solve this problem. However, this solution costs a lot.

Large investment required on rollout

It costs a lot to develop 5G infrastructure or upgrade existing cellular infrastructure. This amount is further compounded by the maintenance cost of equipment required for high-speed connectivity. The companies are likely to recover this increased cost from the customers. However, 5G companies can reduce their costs by collaborating with each other and using each other’s 5G towers.

Access limits in villages

As we mentioned that the web length of 5G internet is very less, so 5G tower can cover a lot of people due to dense population in cities. But in villages the situation is just the opposite. It will not be easy for companies to install more towers in villages to cover the entire population. In such a situation, very few population in the villages will get the benefit of this 5G service.

5G internet will reduce battery life

Most parts of the mobile will work with 5G speed, due to which the battery consumption in the mobile will also be higher than before. In such a situation, its direct effect will be on the battery life of the mobile and the battery life will be reduced.

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