What if phone got water on it? Here’s what to do

New Delhi: Holi is coming in few days. Holi is the festival of colors. If you want to enjoy this festival, you have to get it out of the house. Many people play Holi with water. Along with that, people these days have a habit of capturing every moment on camera. In such a situation, if your phone falls into water while clicking photos from your smartphone on Holi, then you don’t need to panic, rather think about drying your phone. In this news, we will tell you some tips that can be useful if your phone falls into water. Use these tips to protect your phone from damage.

What to do if the phone falls into water?

  • If your phone has fallen into water or gotten wet, turn it off immediately. In fact, if the phone is not turned off, then there can be a shot. In this case, don’t try to check whether any button is working or not. Just turn it off immediately.
  • After turning off the phone, separate all its accessories. If possible, separate the battery or SIM card and memory card and keep them on a dry towel. In fact, this reduces the risk of a short circuit.
  • After separating the phone accessories, all parts of the phone must be dried. You can use a paper napkin for this. In addition, the phone can be trained with a soft towel.
  • After drying the outside, the phone must also be dried from the inside. To do this, keep the phone pressed into dry rice in a container. Rice learns moisture quickly. Apart from that, if you have a packet of silica gel, you can use that too. Silica gel packets in shoe boxes or gadget boxes, etc. are stored. They absorb moisture faster than rice. The phone should be kept in a silicon dioxide wrapper or rice bowl for at least 24 hours.
  • When the phone and all parts of the phone are dry after 24 hours, turn it on. If the phone does not turn on now, take it to the service center.

Don’t do this at all

If the phone has fallen into water, do not try to dry it with a dryer. Hot air from the dryer can melt the phone’s circuits. If the phone is wet, do not use its button, as this increases the risk of a short circuit. Do not use the phone’s headphone jack and USB port until the phone is completely dry.

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