New Delhi: Vitamin D is a very important component of a healthy body. Lack of this vitamin can cause not only weak bones, but also many other diseases. Sunlight helps solve vitamin D deficiency. But it is very important to know when and for how long to take vitamin D from sunlight. Nutritionist Leema Mahajan gave this information by sharing her video on her Instagram page.

He explains that vitamin D helps make many proteins and enzymes that protect the body from disease. Its deficiency can cause many problems in the body. These include weakening of the bones, muscle pain, hair loss, mood swings and even breathing problems. Sunlight is the ultimate source of vitamin D, but it is also found in many foods.

Eat sunlight between 12 and 3 o’clock

According to Lima Mahajan, a healthy person needs 600 IU of vitamin D per day. According to experts, the best time to take vitamin D is between 12 noon and 3 p.m. Some experts believe that you should sit in the sun when the rays are not too hot. Strong sunlight can cause skin melanoma, which is a dangerous tumor.

How is complexion related to sunlight?

Lima Mahajan said that people with fair skin should only sit in the sun for 15 minutes. Those with a dark complexion should not stay in the sun for more than 30 minutes. It says not to apply sunscreen while sitting in the sun. After that it should be used.

Food sources with vitamin D

In addition, there are foods that contain vitamin D. These foods should always be included in the diet to avoid vitamin D deficiency. These include salmon, cod liver oil, egg yolks, mushrooms, cow’s milk, soy milk, orange juice and oatmeal.

Source: Vitamin D status and sun exposure in India


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