What is UPCOP?


Upkop App is a facility of Uttar Pradesh Police through which A citizen can use many of the facilities provided by the police while sitting at his home. Citizens can make various requests to the Uttar Pradesh Police Department through this app. And you can track the status of the request, what action was taken on the request. All the tabs of this mobile application enable citizens by strengthening public welfare.

UPCOP App Full Form

UP means Uttar Prdesh, COP means Police. So this application simply means UP Police app.

How to install and use UPCOP App?

-First of all download the UPCOP App from the Google Playstore, or Apple Store (ios).

-Next step is to register. For this you need to put your Name, Gender, Mobile Number, Email id and password.

-After filling above details, you will receive an one time password on your mobile number.

-After putting this OTP number in the app, the app will become active completely.

User ID, Password & Login

You can login to your UPCOP account by putting mobile number and password.

27 Citizen Facilities (UPCOP App)

You can take benefit of 27 citizen facilities:

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