WhatsApp now lets you hide online status for more privacy; This way


New Delhi: Messenger app WhatsApp has started hiding online status in its new privacy feature. Now with the help of this feature you can hide your desired status. This feature has been released for both the platforms (iOS and Android). Tech companies constantly bring new features to improve their user interface. Apart from this, WhatsApp has also given information about its new edit-message feature.

Just a few months ago, WhatsApp introduced the feature to hide online status for beta testing. The company has now rolled out this feature. Through this feature, users can hide their online/offline status as per their wish. Due to which the contacts of the users will not see their online status. In this feature, the user will get two privacy options. In one option you can show your online status to all the numbers saved in your mobile, then through second option you can also hide online status for all numbers.

You can hide status like this

If you want to hide the status on WhatsApp, then you have to go to the settings and tap on the privacy option and enter. Where you also get other privacy options. Here you get to see two options, one is ‘Who can see my last time’ and the other ‘Who can see when I am online’ You can set these two options as per your wish.

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