‘When the time comes, I will…’: Congress’ Harish Rawat on his cryptic tweets


New Delhi: Months ahead of the assembly elections, Congress leader Harish Rawat on Wednesday launched a veiled attack on the party leadership.

Asked for clarification on his series of tweets, Rawat told the media, “When the time comes, I will call you and share it with you… for now, enjoy…”

Earlier today, the senior party leader tweeted, “…I have a lot, have floated a lot (in the sea of ​​elections). Now it’s time to rest.”

In another post, Rawat sought “Margdarshan” or the guidance of Lord Kedarnath.

“Isn’t it strange, one has to swim in a sea of ​​choice, yet the organizational structure that is there to provide support is either turning its head or playing a negative role in most places,” Rawat wrote. Rawat wrote.

“In the sea in which we are to swim, the hose in the right has left many crocodiles. On whose orders we are to swim, their representatives are tying my hands and feet. So many thoughts are crossing my mind … that Harish Rawat That’s enough, you’ve swam a lot, it’s time to rest,” Rawat said.

First published:December 22, 2021, 6:44 pm

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