Where to keep Fish Aquarium at home? Check here…

Vastu Tips: Aquariums and fish are known to be of great importance in the world Vastu Shastra. According to Vedic science, aquariums or aquariums are very auspicious and powerful energies are associated with them.

Aquariums can transform negative energies into positive ones and can be very useful in your environment.

According to the ancient principles of Vastu, every element on this earth is associated with certain energy levels and one of them is a fish aquarium.

Here are some Vastu Tips for Fish Aquarium

  • When it comes to fish and aquariums, nine is a lucky number. According to Vastu shastra, nine fish in the tank is lucky. Choose dragonfish or goldfish for the eight fish and one must be a blackfish.
  • When choosing fish for your home aquarium, make sure they move quickly. This guarantees a positive energy flow around you.
  • According to Vastu, round or rectangular aquariums and fish bowls are lucky and bring good luck.

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  • According to Vastu Shastra, allowing moss to grow on the walls of the tank will bring bad luck and prevent you from completing your tasks on time.
  • Check that the aquarium’s filtration, aeration, lighting and water circulation are working.
  • It is very important to constantly change the water in the fish bowl or aquarium. The ability to absorb abundance can be hindered by standing water. Keep your aquarium water fresh for easy cash flow.


Each of the fish bowls and aquariums has a certain appeal. They improve the aesthetics of the area while bringing prosperity and success. In this post we have covered all aspects of importance of fish and aquarium as per Vastu.

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