Why doesn’t China attack Taiwan? This US law deters Chinese aggression


Chinese fighter jets from the PLA Air Force have entered Taiwan airspace 60 times since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Taipei, Taiwan): The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China is violating Taiwan’s territory almost daily.

Sugar fighter jets The PLA Air Force has entered Taiwan airspace 60 times since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

China is constantly demonstrating its strength on the Taiwan border. Meanwhile, Taiwan has also diverted its missiles towards China in an effort to stop China.

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Taiwan has the full support of the United States of America (US). Let us know what is the plan of Taiwan’s army to deal with China. Which US law is the biggest shield for Taiwan’s security? Under which law does China threaten Taiwan?

From Jimmy Carter to Joe Biden on Taiwan-US Relations

Taiwan’s policy has varied during the tenures of different presidents in the United States of America (US). US policy towards Taiwan has not been the same.

In 1979, the then US President Jimmy Carter ended official relations with Taiwan in order to establish diplomatic relations with China.

At that time the US Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act. The law allowed the United States (US) to sell defensive weapons to Taiwan. There has been a sort of strategic ambiguity in US policy towards Taiwan.

The year 1996 saw the most tension between the US and China over Taiwan. Indeed, China conducted missile tests to influence Taiwan’s presidential election.

In response, then-US President Bill Clinton displayed enormous US military might, the largest US military demonstration in Asia since the Vietnam War.

The United States (US) sent large American warships to Taiwan and tried to send a message to China that the United States (US) would not compromise on Taiwan’s security.

In 2001, then-US President George W. Bush said that he would do whatever was necessary to protect Taiwan from Chinese aggression. In the case of Taiwan and China, the US does not publicly say what it will do in the event of an attack. This adds to the trouble for China. China is in a dilemma as to how to deal with the US response if it attacks Taiwan.

In 2000, Chen Shui Bian was elected President of Taiwan. Bian supported Taiwan’s independence. It did not suit China. Since then, Taiwan-China relations have soured.

During Donald Trump’s tenure as US President, Taiwan and the United States of America (US) came close to each other. During his tenure, Donald Trump spoke to the then President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, over the phone. This was seen as a sign of a major change in US policy towards Taiwan. Outgoing President Biden, like his predecessor Trump, is protecting Taiwan.

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What is China’s anti-separatism law?

China passed anti-separatist laws regarding Taiwan in 2005. they were similar Hong Kong’s national security policy.

Under this law, China has the right to occupy Taiwan. Under the guise of this law, China has been pressurizing Taiwan many times, but so far it has failed to capture Taiwan. Under this law, if Taiwan declares itself an independent nation, the Chinese PLA can attack it.

However, after years of tensions and threats, Taiwan has maintained its independence. The Chinese government has repeatedly said that it will annex Taiwan by force. Despite these threats, China has so far failed to take military action against Taiwan.

Only 15 countries consider Taiwan an independent nation.

The dispute between China and Taiwan is very old. It started in 1949. Only 15 countries in the world consider Taiwan an independent nation.

Due to this dispute, Taiwan was recognized by a limited number of countries. China’s attitude towards Taiwan is different. China considers it a separate part of itself. Considers Taiwan a rebel province.

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Taiwan is under the nose of China

The distance from China to Taiwan is only 180 kilometers. The language of Taiwan is Chinese. The political system of Taiwan is very different from that of China. The different political systems of China and Taiwan also make the two countries hostile to each other. China has a one-party system, while Taiwan, which has a population of 23 million, has a democratic system.

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