Why has the oximeter become so important in the corona period and how is it used? Learn here

If a person has mild symptoms of corona, then test the corona without delay and stay in quarantine till the report comes along and keep checking your oxygen level through the oximeter. So how do we use the oximeter? Let's know about it ..


Nowadays in the news and internet, a lot is being heard about the corona, oxygen cylinder as well as one more thing and that is the oximeter. So what is this tool, how does it work? And why it has become so important in the Corona era, we will know about all these here today.

What is oximeter?

An oximeter is a small machine to check oxygen levels in the blood, which is similar in appearance to a cloth or paper clip. And the best part is that it can be carried anywhere. Probably for this reason it is also called portable oximeter.

How does this tool work?

For oxygen level check, place it in any hand finger. During the test, set your finger properly in the oximeter. Because if you do not do this, the reading can be wrong. The oximeter also checks the heart beat with oxygen level. Within a few seconds all the information starts showing on the screen of the oximeter.

What should be the oxygen level?

The oxygen level of a healthy body is between 95 and 100. But due to corona infection it is also coming up to 92, 90. So, instead of getting nervous, contact the doctors. And in whichever city you are in, start investigating such hospitals where ventilators and oxygen cylinders are available. Corona-infected persons should be checked for oxygen levels by an oximeter every hour.

That’s why it is important to have an oximeter

In view of the serious condition of corona, experts are advising to keep oximeter at home so that people keep checking their oxygen level. And before the situation becomes serious, the patient can be admitted to the hospital as well as to be treated.

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