Winter Tips: 5 ways not to catch a cold


New DelhiSun rays, warm clothes, healthy food and hot drinks are the vibrancy of winter. So is cold flu and runny nose. Here we have 5 natural remedies that will keep you warm during winters.

drink hot drinks

Drinking hot and hot drinks on a cold day can actually make you feel hot. You can drink ginger tea which will not only keep you warm but will also boost your immunity which will protect you from cold flu. Hot drinks will make you calm as well as healthy.

be active

It is important to stay active during the winter as it will raise your temperature and promote circulation. Also, avoid sitting still for long periods of time. Even walking and getting light exercise can keep you warm.

warm cloth wrap

Wearing layers of clothes in winter can keep you warm. Wear warm socks, a hat, gloves and a scarf to protect your skin from the cold waves. Prefers to wear clothes made of woolen and cotton fabrics as they are warmest.

get some sunshine

It is very important to take sunlight in winter. The rays of the sun will not only keep you warm in winters but will also give you enough Vitamin D which is very important for your health. Open your windows and let the natural light enter your home.

add humidifier

Humidifier keeps your home warm in winter. It also keeps your home environment warm and comfortable during winters. But avoid using it for a long time as it can contribute to the growth of bacteria.

First Published:December 20, 2021, 5:29 pm

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