Woman surprised his brother on his big day: Watch video


New Delhi: Many local festivals and activities are missed by expats. Unable to attend her brother’s wedding, a young woman who had just moved to the UK for her career was devastated. However, he felt quite uncomfortable about missing his brother’s wedding. As a result, she boarded a flight back to India and shocked her family at the ceremony.

His unexpected entry was caught on camera and Humans of Bombay posted the clip on Instagram. The woman is seen in the clip navigating the crowd towards the wedding stage. Her mother screams in joy when she sees her, and her father can be seen standing up and coming over to hug her.

On November 8, the woman went to work in the United Kingdom, and the wedding took place on November 26. The woman explained the turn of events to Humans of Bombay and stated that she decided not to miss her brother’s wedding after consulting with him. co-workers. He called his brother to inform him that he was coming. Wanting to surprise their family, the brothers kept their parents a secret about his arrival.

He couldn’t wait to see his family, so the trip back to India felt like the “longest flight” of his life. When the husband was about to apply the sindoor to the bride, she entered the wedding while still staying with her friend’s family.

“I remember walking towards the mandap, it was such a surreal feeling to see Sagar as the groom. I was immediately struck by the thought: “Hum kab etne bade ho gye?” But this was not the time to get emotional, so I ran to my parents and hugged them tightly. As you see mom jumped out of excitement aur papa tho bas rine he lag gye,” he said.

“The look on everyone’s faces was something I will never forget. I hugged Sagar and his fiancee Shivani and walked off the stage. I happily sat in the front row and watched him marry the girl of his dreams. I was so glad it worked out. He is my brother, my best friend, and honestly, I would travel anywhere to be a part of his happiness,” she added.

Netizens Reaction

However, his unexpected entrance was not well received by online users who complained that it took attention away from the bride. One user commented: “I can feel the bride differently. Attention. Love and all the spotlight should be on him. I understand the love for your brother, but the timing could have been different.”

Another user wrote: “Don’t get me wrong. But to turn all the attention to yourself at such an important moment in your brother and sister’s legal life is pretty narcissistic.” A third user commented: “I’m happy for them, but I feel a little sorry for the bride, not the entrance at Sindhoor’s moment, which in itself is special and it had to be overwhelming.”

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