Chanakya’s Politics: Acharya Chanakya, one of the leading thinkers and scholars of the country, is known for his ethics. Chanakya Niti is a remarkable collection of Acharya Chanakya’s policies, which are as relevant today as they were when they were written. These policies guide human life on the right path.

Many aspects to make human existence easier and successful are discussed in the policy text, Chanakya Niti. In his Niti Shastra, Chanakya discusses a variety of topics including career, friendship, married life, riches and women. Chanakya Niti talks about the interaction between men and women as well as their characteristics. Chanakya has described four such attributes in which women surpass men in a poem.

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In the initial guna According to Acharya, “streenam dvigun aaharo” means that women have much greater hunger than men. When it comes to diet, they are ahead of men. According to Chanakya’s policy, women are twice as hungry as men. Because of their body structure, women need more calories. That is why it is recommended that women eat a lot of food.


In his policy, Chanakya described the second trait of women as being more brilliant than men, i.e. having sharper intelligence (Buddhistasan Chaturguna). They have a higher intelligence than men. Women’s intelligence allows them to effortlessly escape from life’s most difficult situations.


Men are often considered to be bolder than women. However, Chanakya’s policy states exactly the opposite. Women, according to Chanakya Niti, have six times more courage than men. In any situation, women do not panic. In Ethics, Chanakya writes, “Sahasam Shadgunam”, which means that women have six times the courage of men. When it comes to stress tolerance, women outperform men.


Through this Chanakya Niti verse, Chanakya has also given his opinion about the feeling of sex, and has said from a comparative point of view that women are more sensual (Kamoshtagun Uchyate). Women have 8 times more sensual feelings than men. In other words, this feeling is 8 times lower in men than in women.


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