Women of THIS village marry each other, make physical relations with…


New Delhi: You must have heard of many such marriages where two women or two men get married after the LGBTQ law is passed. This culture is widespread today. However, there is one place in the world where women have been marrying each other for centuries, and for a very special reason. There is a tribe in Tanzania where women get married but have a physical relationship with someone.

Two women are getting married

In the K├║ria tribe of the village of Nayamongo, Tanzania, a woman marries another woman. This custom has been practiced here for centuries. It is called Numba Nyobhu, which means ‘women’s home’. Both women live in the same house as spouses after marriage. However, they have no physical relationship. Both show a strong spiritual bond with each other, but are unable to form a homosexual relationship.

You have the right to have children

Tribal women in Tanzania can have relations with any man and take care of the child born to him after marrying another woman. The husband has no claim to this child; in this country, women have physical relations with men to produce children. She divorces the man and marries another woman after having a child.

What is the reason for this?

In this Tanzanian tribe, two women marry to end the patriarchy. The purpose of this tradition is to enable the women of these tribes to own property. Women who have no children or are widows have no right to keep their property; therefore, marrying another woman entitles them to retain property.

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