Women’s Day 2022: Don’t limit women to one day, celebrate them everyday

new Delhi: It can’t be a hidden fact that Women’s Day is coming, thanks to the myriad messages that bombarded our phones about ’50 percent off’ for ‘Women’s Day’ in relation to ‘special coupon codes’ is of.

Women’s Day… a day designated by the world in our calendars to celebrate women… to preach about the equality of men and women, to understand why feminism is important. But many questions arise in people’s minds, especially one obvious question: Why isn’t Women’s Day every day? Similar arguments can be used for any other day that holds special significance for someone. For example, Men’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Valentine’s Day.

The reason we mark a special day for a particular celebration is not always to reduce it to the same day, but to mark the celebration of achievements made throughout the year. “March 8 has a historical significance and why we celebrate Women’s Day on it,” said Pawan Harsana, assistant professor in the department of sociology, Maitreyi College, Delhi University.

“After the French Revolution, even though men began to enjoy their constitutional rights, such as the right to vote, these rights never reached women. They were considered secondary citizens. But on May 3, 1908, the US Socialist Party adopted a Women’s economic and political rights to a large demonstration. The Second Socialist International Conference took place in Copenhagen in 1910, at which it was decided to mark one day for the worldwide celebration of women, and therefore, the 14th of the Paris Commune. On the anniversary, the first International Women’s Day was marked. And on that day, women of every nationality performed to mark the day,” Pawan elaborated.

“Their demands were for economic equality, voting rights and, in particular, equal rights for men in society. No more, no less, just equal. The United Nations recognized 1975 as the International Year of Women and only 1977 In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 8 as the official United Nations holiday for women’s rights and world peace. Since then it has been celebrated annually by the United Nations and most of the world, with each year observance of women’s rights. within rights focuses on a particular topic or issue,” she said.

Every year a theme for Women’s Day is kept. Dr. Rashi Bhargava, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, said, “We are looking at different themes every year. This year’s theme is Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow Today.”

“We have a history of more than 100 years of women’s struggle in every field, whether it is the right to vote, the right to work or the right to reproductive and to their bodies. Women around the world still do not have the right to an abortion. . Some parts of the world. Also, there are areas where keeping the child is still decided by the family,” Dr. Bhargava said.

Even in this day and age many families literally force the woman of the family to become pregnant until she gives birth to a boy. Unfortunately, it is as prevalent among high society people as it is among low-income groups. Carrying a baby with you for nine months and enduring labor is not easy and it is not easy to do it again and again to please one’s whims and fantasies.

“Our actions are determined by the systems from which we come, and so the topic of gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow is relevant to connecting our macro and micro realities. We have ranged from fighting for basics like identity and visibility. Contemporary times where we discuss complex issues, combine knowledge, practices and perspectives,” she said.

Basic awareness of the struggles of women in the patriarchal society in which we still live can help create a better and equal tomorrow for all.

Pawan said, “It is important to understand that not only women, but men are also victims of patriarchy.”

Pawan said, “We need three steps to bring about a change in the consciousness of the people: Identify, respond and revolutionize, the three ‘R’s’. Identify the problem, respond to the issue and revolutionize to bring about change.”

In this day and age, Women’s Day has been reduced to a mere promotional campaign for brands and stores to offer discounts and encourage consumerism. While radical feminists and others, in general, may feel that it dilutes the importance of the day only to the benefit of brands, Pawan feels otherwise.

“Even though brands make profits and increase their sales during special days like these, the message they convey to their customers is positive: Respect the women in your life and give them the space and privacy they want. deserves.

It is important to realize that women around the world, in general, desire and deserve the same respect and rights as men.

So, just as the ‘Independence Day’ of any country is the culmination of years of battle against oppression and slavery, Women’s Day is the result of years of sacrifices and struggles that great leaders have endured to give to the 21st century. . The rights and respect that women get now.

Both Pawan and Dr. Rashi agree that there are many ways in which everyone can contribute to make every day feel like a special day for women.

Helping with household chores, not taking a woman’s non-economic contribution in the household lightly, giving equal respect and importance to a woman, no matter who dominates the house, are some of the ways in which we don’t want women. You can only make your own space. Our lives feel loved and respected, but also make sure that we celebrate every day as ‘Women’s Day’.


First published:March 7, 2022, 2:43 pm

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