World Laughter Day 2021: Obesity and stress without spending is a holiday, so laugh out loud

Laughter is the greatest boon given by God to man. There is no doubt that Laughter has many physiological and psychological benefits. Through laughter, a person is not only healthy but also positive changes in his personality.


Laugh, in short, can be considered the sum of throttle, respiratory tract, and lungs. In this expensive, artificial, and modern world, laughter is the only therapy that can keep a person strong, energetic, and positive without any expense. Laughter is contagious, which spreads from one to the other.

Like spirituality and yoga, laughter is very effective for good health. This not only strengthens the langs and reduces respiratory diseases, but also provides positive energy and immunity. Many neurologists believe that positive transmitters are released by laughing openly. Cardiologists are of the opinion that laughter can prevent heart attacks and other heart-related diseases.

This reduces blood pressure, high amount of oxygen reaches the body, which also makes the heart pumping properly. Nephrologists, ie kidney specialists, also consider laughter to be beneficial for a healthy kidney.

Other advantages of laughing

-Laughing more strengthens the immune system. Which helps in fighting many diseases.

-Not only this, it also reduces the risk of anxiety disorder.

-Laughing activates all the body’s relocation point, plus the heart and brain function much better.

-Laughing oxygen reaches every part of the lugs well and facial muscles also get automatic exercise which brings glow on the face.

  • -Stress is reduced by laughing.

According to a study, laughing for 10-15 minutes burns about 50 calories. In this sense, laughing is very effective for weight loss.

Consider these things as well

-Laugh out loud in a state of despair and depression, because what is buried in the sub-conscience mind comes out through laughter.

-Moderate laughter in the first three months in pregnancy and laughter in the subsequent six months should not affect the lower part of the abdomen.

-If you have a throat problem, you can laugh loudly, but the laughter should be increased and reduced gradually.

-In the problem of thyroid, obesity and tonsils, it is beneficial to laugh in Singha-mudra.

-In asthma, blood pressure and heart disease, experts recommend to slow down and smile softly.

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