Writer Mujahid Ali Khan talks about his success and poetry


Urdu poet Mujahid Ali Khan’s writings are attracting attention on the Internet. Filled with positive messages of love, hope and harmony, these verses cover the entire spectrum of human emotions. No wonder Mujahid touches the hearts and souls of his readers. Like his song ‘Maayi’ sung by famous singer Imran Sehar. Mujahid is currently working on launching his personal mobile app to share his poetry with millions of readers around the world. He is also working on his poetry book.

Mujahid writes in various genres such as ghazals, poems, verses and couplets. He then uploads works to his Facebook and Instagram page every day to give his fans and followers their daily dose of inspirational thoughts. For Ghazals, Mujahid has won several awards and competitions. For example, he performed at the Filmfare event in Dubai, which was attended by several famous Bollywood stars. Another laurel of his career is winning the Infosys Got Talent Bangalore competition.

Every day I find that my love for poetry grows stronger. My phone apps and poetry books bring my readers directly into contact with my thoughts and where I come from. The book will be published soon”, says Mujahid.

Today, Mujahid Ali Khan living a life that people can only dream of. But hardly a few people know about the struggles that formed a better and wiser person.

Mujahid’s poetic journey began in childhood. He admired his mother’s collection of poems and ghazals, and just as he wrote poems, he tried to write his own verses. Little did he realize then that this was the beginning of his journey as a poet that would eventually change his life.

Today, on social media, Mujahid has earned praise and admiration from his fans who come to read his fresh verses and couplets. His Facebook and other social media followers are increasing every day. For this, Mujahid is only grateful, and especially to his mother, who is the inspiration behind his success.

Mujahid Admirer says:Mujahid is a good thinker and his thoughts are clearly reflected in his poetry. In the sea of ​​poets and writers around us, Mujahid stands out for his poetry.”

Mujahid has been invited to perform at special events because of his personality, which attracts crowds. Mujahid enjoys paid live shows more than reality shows and tends to perform live shows. Mujahid Ali Khan is at the peak of success. His only goal is to keep people happy with his verses and he will continue to strive hard until he achieves his goal.

Mujahid was born on January 4 in India. He studied at the University of Delhi in India and received his M.Sc. As a popular poet and writer, Mujahid works hard every day on his poetry and never fails to update his creations on social media platforms. Today, poetry has become his life and he is forever committed to taking it to a higher level. There is much more to come from his pen, and the world is watching!

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