Xiaomi Smart Speaker lets you control not-so-smart home devices


Xiaomi has launched a new smart speaker in India. It is simply called Xiaomi Smart Speaker and the smartest thing about it is that it can control the not so smart devices in your home. Essentially, the new smart speaker has an infrared blaster, so you can ask the speaker to control infrared-controlled products, such as a TV or an air conditioner.

Infrared control will only help you if you have devices that cannot connect to the Internet. However, since most of these not-so-smart products have been phased out and people have switched to smart devices, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker can also help you. The Xiaomi smart speaker supports Google Assistant, which you can configure using the Mi Home app. This also makes the speaker available to any product signed in with your Google account. You can ask your phone to play music on the speaker or ask the speaker to play music on the TV using Google Assistant. As simple as that.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker Price (IR Control) in India

The brand new Xiaomi Smart Speaker costs Rs 4,999 and it will be available on Mi Homes, Xiaomi website and Flipkart.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker Specifications (IR Control)

Xiaomi’s new smart speaker is inspired by previous models for its very modern design. There’s an LED display on the speaker that shows volume status and other information in an automatically controlled brightness setting to match your room’s ambience. The speaker lets you set alarms and use songs as your alarm ringtone.

But aside from all the smarts, it’s still a loudspeaker. For good sound quality, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker comes with a 1.5 inch speaker inside. Now the company hasn’t mentioned the combination of tweeters and woofers packed inside the smart speaker, but considering it’s an upgrade from the last one, at least some subwoofers are likely. Xiaomi claims the smart speaker delivers a “perfectly balanced sound field”, thanks to the cavity design. To create a surround-like experience, you can pair two smart speakers to get stereo sound from the combination.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control) supports Bluetooth 5.0 only when you don’t have internet to connect the speaker but still want to listen to music.

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