“You gave them 27 years, I only ask 5”: Arvind Kejriwal to Gujarat


AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal was out in Gujarat for the fourth straight day on Tuesday. The AAP has been conducting an intense campaign in the state this week, with both its CMs and all senior leaders traversing Gujarat to promote change in the state. With this in mind, Shri Arvind Kejriwal conducted three major road shows in Junagadh, Keshod and Mangrol on Tuesday.

He said: “Poverty can only be eliminated if every child has the best possible education; Just like Delhi, AAP will transform Gujarat’s education system and provide every child with excellent education. We developed world-class schools in Delhi, now children go from working rickshaw ballas to doctors, engineers and lawyers, this is how you break the cycle of poverty. AAP government gives fishermen 25% subsidy on diesel according to market prices; We will end corruption and transfer subsidies directly to fishermen’s accounts. Will give fishermen interest-free loans and MSP for fish; will draw up a plan to provide them with financial assistance in the event of accidental death. Around the world, only Delhi and Punjab enjoy 24-hour free electricity; Also, from March 1st, Gujarat will get free electricity 24 hours a day and no bills. Only the Aam Aadmi party speaks of education-health, electricity-water, roads, employment and inflation; The BJP Congress is afraid to talk about them. BJP Congress come here begging for another chance every election you gave them so many chances why do you deserve more? They gave them 27 years, I only ask 5; I will fulfill every promise I made to you.”

24×7 free electricity a magic only I know; after Delhi and Punjab we do it in Gujarat: Arvind Kejriwal

In Junagadh, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “I feel as if I have become Gujarat’s own son. The amount of love we received in Gujarat is unfathomable. Some call me their brother, some their son. I want to assure everyone that I will repay you for your love and compassion. This brother of yours will take responsibility for the welfare of your family once the AAP forms a government in Gujarat. Today, the situation of inflation is unbearably painful. It is difficult to manage household expenses, especially for those who take care of children. I’ll stand by your side now After we go online in December, you won’t have to pay your electricity bill from March 1st. We take care of this. All receive zero bills. Back in Delhi, everyone has 24-hour electricity and no bills. The Punjab government is doing the same. This is magic known only to me. Only Delhi and Punjab have witnessed this miracle. Only Kejriwal knows how to do that. Gujarat is the next state to embark on this historic revolution. Gujarat receives free electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is my promise.”

Build 20,000 Mohalla clinics in Gujarat, each village will have its own Mohalla clinic: Arvind Kejriwal

He added: “Poverty can only be eradicated if every child has the best possible education. We will develop excellent schools for your children here. Education revolution in Delhi is already very famous. Today, children from rich and poor families sit on the same bench and study hard. The sons of a judge, an IAS and a rickshaw wallah all study together. Children of rickshaw drivers and laborers are becoming lawyers, doctors and engineers in Delhi. I now take responsibility for the upbringing of your children. We made a whole plan. We will build state-of-the-art schools across Gujarat. You don’t have to pay exorbitant fees from private schools. We will develop world-class hospitals in Gujarat as we did in Delhi. Check out Delhi’s healthcare model. It surpasses private hospitals. Excellent Mohalla clinics are available in your area as well as better than private hospitals. In addition, everyone is entitled to free health care. We treat every problem for free, even if it requires the most expensive treatment. When we take power in Gujarat, I’ll take care of your health care. We have developed a comprehensive plan for the development of 20,000 Mohalla clinics and hospitals. Everything is provided free of charge, from crocin to cancer treatment. Your brother is there for you.”

If you want hooliganism, go to them with offensive language. If you want schools-hospitals, electricity-water and roads, come to me: Arvind Kejriwal

He continued: “We will organize an activity for every young person. In the past 5 years we have created 12 Lac employment opportunities in Delhi. I know how to create jobs. We will do the same in Gujarat. Until a youth does not find work, we pay him Rs 3,000 per month as unemployment benefit. I have just one request. I don’t know how to do politics. I can’t make high speeches. I speak on subjects that concern a common man. I am an educated man. i know how to work I am an engineer. If you want schools-hospitals, electricity-water and roads, come to me. I don’t know how to do hooliganism. If you want hooliganism, corruption and offensive language, go to them.”

Want the people screaming Modi Modi to remember that Kejriwal gives you work and free electricity: Arvind Kejriwal

He added: “On my way here some guys were screaming modi modi. I have no problem with what they want to say or shout. They can choose whoever they want. But I will let you know one thing. It is I who will give them work. It’s me who takes their children to school, who takes care of their parents’ health. It is I who give them free electricity. I know there will come a day when we will win them over and get them to join AAP. I want to ask you what has this government done for you in 27 years? Did they build schools and hospitals? Nobody talks about education and health here. Nobody in the BJP or in Congress cares about electricity, water, education, health care, roads, inflation and jobs. They come here asking one random after another. You don’t deserve another chance.”

My bank account and my party’s bank account are empty. I want the cooperation of the people of Gujarat: Arvind Kejriwal

He concluded: “They gave the BJP 27 years and the AAP 5 years. If we don’t meet your expectations, I won’t come here asking for votes anymore. I have no money to vote in elections. I’m an ordinary man. I’ve been Prime Minister of Delhi for seven years, but I haven’t earned a penny from it. My bank account and my party’s bank account are empty. I want the cooperation of the people of Gujarat. You certainly haven’t seen a prime minister roaming the streets like that, but I’ve driven around the streets like this all over Gujarat. I work hard and use my blood and sweat because I don’t have money like them to vote in elections. I need help from all of you. I urge you all to message your friends and relatives via WhatsApp and say that Kejriwal should be given a chance, let’s give AAP a try. Press the broom button so hard that all Aam Aadmi party candidates with the largest margin of votes will be sent to the meeting after winning.”

In Keshod he said: “You have given the BJP 27 years, I ask you only five years. I will fulfill every promise I made to you. I have no money to vote in elections. I walk the streets of Gujarat. You’ve never seen a prime minister so sweaty on the street. I need your support.” In Mangrol, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “I have met many BJP workers. There are many workers who are very angry with the BJP. They say that during the pandemic, children died in their homes, their parents died. They called their leaders, but nobody answered the phone. This time, all the BJP workers are trying to bring down the BJP. I want to say to the BJP supporters to give AAP a chance. When I’m not working , next time I won’t come to ask for votes. BJP and Congress are in cahoots. They used to meet secretly, now both have gone public to show their love. This time defeat both parties. Think of Your kids and your family. What did you get out of following the parties?”

Fishermen don’t have houses in Gujarat, our government will organize houses for them: Arvind Kejriwal

At the same time, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said: “Many fishermen live here. I have learned that there is a lot of corruption in the subsidies that fishermen receive. When the government of Aam Aadmi party is formed, we will end corruption. The subsidy given to the fishermen is credited directly to the fishermen’s accounts. There will be no middleman and fishermen will be 100% subsidized. You don’t have to pay a broker. We will give a 25% subsidy on the subsidy fishermen receive for diesel. At the moment they get maybe 10 to 12 percent subsidy. If the diesel tariff increases, the subsidy decreases. But under AAP there is a 25% subsidy on the price of diesel in the market. Interest-free loans are given to fishermen, and like farmers’ crops, MSP rates on fish are fixed for fishermen. There are no houses for the fishermen here. We will organize accommodation for you. Often they face accidents in the sea and then there is no one to run their household. The government will draw up a plan to help the fishermen who die in these accidents. This is a guarantee from me to all fishermen.”

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