You now get higher interest rates of up to 7.85% per year


Bajaj Finance FD: Here is a good news for all Bajaj Finance investors. The fixed deposit rates for all investments from 15,000 rubles have been changed from November 8, 2022. To accelerate the growth of the investor’s capital, all categories of investors and tenors now get higher FD interest rates of up to 7.85 per cent per annum.

Customers under the age of 60 can now invest for 44 months and earn up to 7.60% per year. As a special interest rate, pensioners also receive 0.25 percent of all basic interest rates. As a result, seniors can earn up to 7.85 percent per year for 44 months. FD rates for customers below 60 years have been revised.

Standard prices for customers under 60 have been reduced by 10 basis points; the revised rates are as follows:

Pensioners benefit from the interest rate change and an additional 0.25% interest. They can now earn up to 7.85 percent per annum for the next 44 months. The table below shows the FD rates for senior citizens:

Reduced interest rates

Investors looking for higher returns and longer investment periods can avail Bajaj Finance’s special 15, 18, 22, 30, 33 and 44 month fixed deposit term. The latest special prices for all customers are listed below.

Monthly payments in small installments

In addition to Fixed Deposits, Bajaj Finance offers Systematic Deposit Plan, the industry’s first monthly savings option. Each investment is treated as a separate fixed deposit and monthly investments start from Rs. 5,000.

You can make small monthly deposits in the Monthly Maturity System, and each deposit matures in a different month in the Single Maturity System.

Top ratings for safety and reliability

When investing, the choice of a safe and reliable instrument is crucial to reduce risks and guarantee the safety of funds. FD is a safer investment as it is not affected by market fluctuations. In addition, credit rating agencies such as CRISIL and ICRA rate the investment instruments of various financial institutions. A high rating indicates that the instrument is safe and you can invest with confidence, knowing that you will receive interest income and the original investment amount on time and without fail. Bajaj Finance FD has been given the highest safety and reliability ratings by CRISIL and ICRA, ensuring the safety of your invested funds.

For maximum convenience, you can avail FD calculator and 100% digital process in addition to the benefits of Bajaj Finance fixed deposit. You can more easily and quickly predict your returns and plan your investments with the help of the FD calculator and online application. With few simple steps you can grow your wealth by investing in safe online FD.

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