‘You will ask for condoms next’, the girl got the answer for sanitary pads

New Delhi: In response to a girl asking for free sanitary pads from the government, the Managing Director of Bihar Mahila Vikas Nigam (WDC) said that the demand for condoms will be made tomorrow.

“Is there any end to this demand? You can also give jeans pants tomorrow. You can also give beautiful shoes the day after tomorrow. Finally, condoms will also have to be given free of cost,” said MD Harjot Kaur Bamhra, IAS.

There was an altercation between the girl and Harjot regarding the answer. The girl told that the government has many such policies and it is their right to demand protection.

“When the government is doing a lot for us including giving uniforms and scholarships, why can’t we provide sanitary pads, which will cost only Rs 20-30?” said the girl.

The MD replied, ‘There is a limit to stupidity. So don’t vote. Be Pakistan. Do you vote for money and services?”

This event took place in a program under ‘Sashakt Beti, Samridhi Bihar’.


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