Young people from Germany and abroad discuss climate change


New Delhi: On International Youth Day, a symposium on “Investing in Youth Leading Climate Solutions” was organized by the Office of International Relations, Purnima University, Jaipur. In this symposium, organized in offline and online mode in cooperation with CII and Young Indians, many influential youth of the country and abroad expressed their views.

The main guest of the offline session was Dr. Mamta M. Lala, Pediatrician, KB Bhabha Hospital Mumbai. He explained various aspects of the beauty of Antarctica in the context of climate change. He said that climate change is happening because of us and only we can stop it. He said that Antarctica’s environment remains absolutely clean due to many special rules.

Oprakash Gurjar, International Children’s Peace Prize Winner and Founder of Poornima Pathshala, spoke on the topic “Hope is only a dream of those who wake up”. In it, he conveyed a message of youth empowerment and respect for people of all ages, and appealed for an end to child labour. In his life story, he recounted how he too faced the brunt of child labor growing up, but after breaking free, he is now bringing the child laborers out of that swamp himself. Poornima Pathshala, founded in cooperation with Purnima University, Jaipur, regularly educates children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Julia Burbeau from the Canadian University of Waterloo expressed concern about the problem of clean drinking water in Canada and other countries under the motto “Initiative for a better world”. He stressed the need for skills development and training to empower women. Speakers also addressed issues related to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

An online session followed. They include Mohd Bachirkamara, America’s Climate Ambassador to Africa, Dr. Ayush Bhandari from Imperial College, London, Mental Health Expert Nomvuselo Moyo, FXB Climate Expert Tehmina Supti from Bangladesh, Karina L. Weinstein, Program Strategy and Innovation Director, FXB USA INC, Dr Mama. M. Lala and Julia Buribeu joined. All expressed concern about the problem of climate change and suggested possible solutions to it. The President of the host Poornima University, Dr. Suresh Chandra Padhe, the Pro-President Dr. Manoj Gupta and Chancellor Dr. Chandni Kriplani also expressed their views. At the end, the organizer of the symposium, Dr. Sudhi Rajeev, a vote of thanks.

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