Youngsters drag teenagers into a sugar cane field and commit obscene acts


New Delhi: A shameful incident has emerged from Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit. A girl was walking home from Pilibhit when she was dragged into a sugar cane field near the village and sexually assaulted. When she tried to fight back, the defendant threatened to make her video go viral. As a result of the teenager’s complaint, the police launched an investigation and arrested the three suspects.

The girl, a resident of Richhola Subpost of Gajraula Police Station, made a complaint to Gajraula Police. She is said to have been on her way from the town of Pilibhit to her village. Then, in the afternoon, Pradeep son of Umashankar, a resident of Kalyanpur village, Abhishek son of Bablu, and Nikhil son of Gangaram began to perform obscene acts on the girl near the village. When she objected, the defendant dragged her into the sugar cane field and began filming her.

She managed to escape the clutches of the defendants and reach the village, where she informed family members of the situation. The teenager and his relatives then went to the Gajraula Police Station and filed a complaint and demanded action.

Based on the teenager’s complaint, police launched a case against three youths from Kalyanpur village in Gajraula area. The inspector in charge, Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, stated that after the defendants filed a case, they were detained after being challenged.

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