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Online banking fraud alert: Be vigilant If you received a bank-related warning message on your mobile phone, because your bank account can be empty with a click. (Online banking fraud warning)

Cyber ​​hackers have become so sophisticated that they can withdraw the entire amount from a bank account in just a few seconds. In view of the few incidents, the Mumbai Police has recently issued a warning to the people. They said not to click on any message or any link provided in the message.

Online Bank Fraud Warning: The person who foiled the scam shared this post

A person who survived being victimized by cyber criminals recently shared a post on social media. In it, he wrote: “Very important #Warning – Bank fraud was attempted with us from the numbers below! We recovered in time and survived! My friends, be careful, you will receive many such SMS!

Whenever PAN/Address/KYC update messages are received from your bank, they will not come from the number but will be written as HDFC, ICICI, SBI etc. (ie your bank’s name) and not just any number! Never click on a link mentioned in such a message!

40 bank account holders cheated in Mumbai

In addition, a case of computer fraud involving 40 bank account holders in the city of Mumbai came to light a few days ago. A media report said that a message was received on the mobile phones of these people.

In this message, a link has been provided to update the KYC and PAN card details of the account. They said people’s bank accounts were wiped as soon as they clicked on that link.

Evil people withdraw money from the account of the TV actress

TV actress Shweta Menon is among the 40 people who were cyber-frauded in Mumbai. The media report said that Shweta Menon also received a similar message. When you clicked on the link, the name, address, mobile number and PAN card etc. they searched for your data in it.

When he filled in this information, a woman called him. After receiving the call, he asked for the OTP received on his mobile, after which more than 50,000 was deducted from the account. Shweta Menon has complained about the matter to the Mumbai police.

Online Banking Fraud Warning: Avoid internet scams like this one

  • For any information about the bank account, contact the bank directly.
  • No bank requests personal data related to your account. They also say not to tell any bank-related passwords to a bank representative.
  • Read the message carefully on your mobile because the language of the devil message is written in such a way that people will understand it as a message from the bank and get confused.
  • Do not share your OTP with a person who pretends to be a bank representative.
  • Pick up the customer service number by visiting the bank. Feed it into your mobile phone. Don’t google the number.
  • Many times, messages from evil people arrive in social media messengers, becoming acquaintances. In such a situation, find out how to call your friend directly.
  • Do not give your card to an unknown person at the ATM. This can lead to card cloning.

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