YouTube is taking big action on the song “Har Har Shambhu”, read on


New Delhi: Farmani Naaz became an overnight star by singing the devotional song “Har Har Shambhu”. This song was removed from its platform by YouTube. People had given this song a lot of love. Everyone was talking about this Farmani Naaz song, but now her fans will be very disappointed. It is said that the writer Jitu Sharma accused her of stealing the song in relation to which this action was taken.

Removed song “Har Har Shambhu” from YouTube

Jeetu Sharma has claimed that Farmani released this song without giving him any credit. In response, YouTube has now removed this song from its platform. Writer Jeetu didn’t stop there, however. He also told the whole truth behind this song. Speaking to the news portal, Jeetu Sharma said: “This Farmani song was released on YouTube on the 23rd, but we didn’t even include our name in our song, rhythm, composition and even in the video description. Up to that point we didn’t have a problem with it either, but when he called this song Original we didn’t like it.’

This song was removed after a legal claim

Jeetu Sharma further said: “I complained about this to YouTube and filed a legal claim with them, after about 7-8 days there was a review and after that the song was removed from YouTube on August 11th.”

Farmani gets offer for Bigg Boss 16

Farmani Naaz got an offer for Salman Khan’s famous show Bigg Boss 16. In a recent interview with the news portal, Farmani Naaz’s brother revealed that his sister received an offer from Bigg Boss. However, Farmani has not yet decided whether she wants to participate in the show or not. Farmani doesn’t like fights at all and BiggBoss is all about controversy and fights.

Farmani’s Har Ghar Tiranga was released

A song about Farmani Naaz’ ’15 August’ also surfaced recently. This song talks about “Har Ghar Tiranga”.

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