Zero governance in Gujarat,” asserts Ashok Gehlot


Ahmedabad: At the release of Congress’ manifesto for Gujarat Assembly elections on Saturday, Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the Morbi Bridge tragedy.

He claimed that the governance in the state was “zero” and said: “Seriously understand the Morbi incident. What problem does the government have in forming a commission under a sitting or retired High Court judge? If people are punished, people will be careful in the future. This is governance – here it is zero.”

On October 30, a suspension bridge collapsed in the town of Morbi, Gujarat, killing hundreds of people. The bridge was a tourist site and was overcrowded on the day of the incident.

During the incident, nearly 135 people died and many were injured.

Today the Congress released its manifesto ahead of the Gujarat Assembly elections. The state will go to the elections in two phases on December 1st and 5th this year.

“The people of Gujarat will not allow rampant privatization of education and healthcare. Let’s bring about change together,” read the post on the official Twitter handle of the convention.

In its manifesto ‘Congress ka jan ghoshana patra’ Congress has promised to cancel farmers’ debts, a gas bottle will be available for 500 rupees and 300 free electricity units.

The Prime Minister of Rajasthan also mentioned the implementation of the old Pension Scheme (OPS) which he had promised also in Himachal Pradesh where the general elections were held today.

In the Gujarat Manifesto, the party said, “Congress will stop the senseless privatization of healthcare and education.”

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